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"Pop Princess" doesn't come close to describing pop star, Darcy Donavan. When you meet her you definitely don't forget her or her name. With all her success she has definitely had her fair share of trials and tribulations on her way to the top. Darcy was raised by a single mother that worked two jobs to make ends meet. At times they hardly had enough money to put food on the table. In Darcy's life nothing was ever given to her, like stories you may have heard about other celebrities.

Darcy was self taught and very talented even at a very young age. She began her career by entering beauty pageants and singing contests, when other girls were playing with dolls. Darcy landed several national commercials at the age of eight and worked her way up as she started a band and began performing at fairs and local concerts, in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Darcy was quickly noticed by a big Nashville agent that put her on the fast track to stardom, setting her up, opening for many big name stars. Darcy toured North America topping charts with her album, which hit gold record status, in Canada. Darcy then decided to move to Hollywood under a recommendation from her agent. Darcy fit in quickly and was immediately cast in several big films, television shows and commercials as her acting career took off. While she may have been on a break from her music career, she was by no means breaking from the media, who followed her relentlessly, even more keen to track her down and find out what she was up to as an actress. Her star meter was only growing, with several tabloid magazines declaring her "The Worlds Most Downloaded Celebrity" in 2006. Darcy appeared in many more big name movies and shows staying in the limelight, keeping her name out there till she came back to her first love, singing.

Darcy's new album "Distraction" is a sound to be heard. The album is an interesting hybrid of Darcy's hip-hop/ pop influenced rap lyrics and silky, sultry vocals with pop club mixes that get people out of their seats and moving. This up and coming new pop artist has caused controversy with the song "Here We Go Again". The song asserted her authority and bashed the drunken and scandalous debauchery of many mainstream pop artists in 2008. Despite the controversy, many people could relate to the lyrics as the appeal of Darcy has grown as the song and album topped the Myspace charts almost instantaneously. The first single "Gold Collar Diamond Ring" has taken over the radio waves in college and other indie radio stations.

We look forward to seeing Darcy's career grow even more as she begins a new School Tour to raise money for the children of our country. The underprivileged youth in our public schools have faced severe budget cuts and are looking for a positive role model to guide them. Darcy has shown she is independent, down to earth, and full of confidence, attitude and determination. With all these ingredients this is a perfect combination to make her album "Distraction" a musical breakthrough, topping charts and more.

Darcy's newest music album, "Distraction" has had over 20 million listens to date. It has also been the #1 ringtone download and is available for download on all major phone networks.

To listen to more songs or purchase
Darcy Donavan's New Album, Click here.

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