Be one of the Stars in Darcy Donavan's "Gold Collar Diamond Ring" Music Video !!

Hi Everyone,

I want you to be the star in my music video "Gold Collar Diamond Ring".

Download my ring tone or song from iPlaytones, iTunes, CD Baby, Napster, or in the Music Section.. Use any portion of the "Gold Collar Diamond Ring" song to videotape yourself in your most creative way. Sing, Dance, Lip Synch, or do whatever comes natural for your chance to win a spot in the music video and be seen globally.

We are looking for a creative video from you! It can be Funny, Outrageous, Interesting, Hot or Just Plain Amazing! Please keep it safe and PG rated.

The best video submissions will receive placement in my exclusive music video that will be featured worldwide. OH YAY: There will also be prizes and cash awarded to the top winners!

Good Luck and I am looking forward to seeing your videos !!

All My Love,

Send Us Your Video Today!

The best video clips will be included in Darcy Donavan's music video and seen globally.

How to Enter Videos:

  • Review the rules and eligibility requirements before you begin.
  • Make a video clip Between 5 Seconds and 3 Minutes.


  • Download Darcy Donavan's Song or Ringtone, "Gold Collar Diamond Ring" from Itunes, CD Baby, Napster, or at in the music section.
  • Use any portion of the song to Sing, Dance, Lip-synch, or do whatever else to show us your best talent and stand out from all of the other submissions.
  • We are looking for the Funniest, Most Amazing, Sexiest (PG Please), Most Interesting or Outrageous Video Clips. (Be sure to stay safe)
  • After your Clip is complete please feel free to stop by and say a comment to Darcy Donavan yourself.
  • Be creative and have fun!
  • Try to use a good microphone or speak loudly enough to be heard on your video clip
  • Please don't play music in the background when you are talking in your video!
  • Also you can get your friends or family members involved for extra fun!

    To submit a video, go to our video about this project and click inside the comment box (below the video):

    Official Rules and Eligibility:

  • You may live anywhere and be a citizen of any country.
  • Videos should be up to 3 Minutes long.
  • Videos must not contain violence, profanity, sexual content or anything indecent, indecent remarks or direct attacks on individuals or organizations.
  • The video must be your own original creation. Besides Darcy Donavan Music or Images, no other copyrighted music, video, or images may be used in submissions. If you display commercial products, obscure the label, logo, etc. so neither the manufacturer nor the specific product is recognizable. Videos containing links to commercial Web sites will not be accepted.
  • Videos must not infringe on any third party rights.
  • If we choose your clip, we will contact you through email with a final consent email form that you must reply to. Please understand we may use your whole video or only use a portion in for purposes of editing.
  • By submitting a video to this project, you grant Reel Vision Publishing/Entertainment, a royalty-free license to copy, distribute, modify, display and perform publicly and otherwise use, and authorize others to use, your video for any educational purpose throughout the world and in any media.
  • Reel Vision Publishing/Entertainment reserves the right to make your video available to the general public from its Web site and to distribute it to groups and any other organizations interested in showing it for entertainment purposes, including, but not limited to, on Internet sites, at conferences and events, on television, and other media outlets.
  • By submitting a video for this project, entrants agree to these rules. Reel Vision Publishing/Entertainment will disqualify any entries it deems to contain material in violation of these rules.
  • Reel Vision Publishing/Entertainment reserves the right to not create a compilation video if we receive an insufficient number of entries that comply with these rules.
  • Entries are due by 11:59 pm EST December 1, 2010.

    Frequent Questions:

    What will happen if I miss the deadline?
    Your clip will not be included in the initial compilation. If we keep getting submissions, we might create additional compilation videos beyond the original video.

    Privacy Policy:

    If we use your clip, we will request your consent to identify you in a list of contributors. We will not collect any other personal information for this project.

    We will not identify people in video clips unless it is allowed by the contributor on the email consent form.

    Still need help or have questions?

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